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Our transition program helps clients achieve success as they transition out of school through community connections and work experiences. We also offer services over the summer that help compliment some of the goals the students might be working on during the school year while continuing to teach the important skills of advocacy and self determination so that as they become more independent they have the tools they need to communicate what they want. We also blend in a lot of fun to help give students some time to unwind and make connections to their peers. Overall, the main focus of these transition programs are to help the students find their role in the community that is relevant and inclusive and in a way that is engaging.

Explore Summer Program

Envision a summer of growing, learning, and connecting with others. The Explore Summer Program is open to youth 14-21 years of age and offers a variety of meaningful community-based opportunities designed to address individual needs, goals, and interests. The program is focused on skill-building and independence, community-based living skills, career exploration, and readiness, and community connecting.

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disabled young adults in transitional program