NE Wisconsin’s Newest, Shared Community and Work Space.

We’re NE Wisconsin’s newest, shared community and work space. Located within ESI, our hub is designed to bring community members together, to build relationships, and to improve life in our part of the world. Our flexible space can be used for a myriad of reasons for groups (Lions Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, and so many more), families, or businesses. We’re talking- Sales Presentations, Quilters, Yoga Class, Book Clubs, Bridge Clubs, Mom’s groups, etc. etc.

Our HUB space is as flexible as you are.

The HUB@ESI is one large space split into several areas for collaborative working and community events. We have modern, mobile furniture that can be configured into many different set ups for multiple uses.

Our XXXsqft space can be booked in 4hr (AM/PM) blocks.

  • Video presentation with audience seating.

  • 4 large tables with chairs for large or split groups.

  • Lounge area with sofa and chairs for casual meetings.

  • Coffee bench and table for small groups.

  • Workstation with desk for productivity and interviews.

Our inclusive HUB Space includes many features.

The HUB@ESI is inclusive to all community members and offers convenience and flexibility for your next meeting or get together. We offer:

  • Inclusive space for all.

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi access.
  • Free parking

  • Printer, copier, and scanner.

  • Office supplies.

  • Video conferencing system.

  • Dry erase board for collaboration.


Our ESI HUB can be booked in 4 hour blocks for $___. Select an available date, tell us your configuration needs and submit your request. We will confirm booking and collect payment upon arrival.

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